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    CROSSMEMBER is now live for the Rover P6 Club.

    Following a careful data cleanse and migration of the P6 Club membership data from their old system into CROSSMEMBER, it went live on 26th October.

    We followed a carefully planned soft approach. In general, membership systems need a prompt for activity to happen – A renewal letter, email etc that reminds the membership that their time is up and it’s time to renew again. The live date was planned away from such activity so that the first day would be relatively quiet.

    Once the system was live and the data checked, previously selected members were contacted for their renewal which was then carefully monitored as the system processed their request. After several members had renewed, each having a different quality – e.g. overdue, coming due, international, trying (and deliberately failing) several times, the system was signed off and the automated email reminders enabled.

    In the next 10 days that followed, CROSSMEMBER has successfully processed over 130 renewals and new joiners with all monies going straight into the Club’s own PayPal account.

    That was a time for celebration and open a bottle of whisky 😉

    See you all at the NEC – and if you’d like, I’ll show it to you working for the club.


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