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    When reviewing large selections of members – eg when looking at a particular AO’s area – it is currently impossible to select away lapsed members.

    With the current state of the membership database, the lapsed members include many known to have died and many known to have sold their cars. (proven by accessing a few to check!)

    So there are TWO issues here…..

    First is that the AO is impeded from taking care of the current members they actually have by the amount of information on the screen – fix = ability to select paid up members.

    Second is that the AO is impeded from chasing accidentally lapsed members by the presence on the list of members who have valid reasons for having left – such as sold car and died…… The membership secretaries job can be made much easier by encouraging the AO to delete such people as part of chasing up their lapsed members…… But there seems to be no means of deleting people once they’re on the database…… Or of selecting for lapsed members only…….


    Hello Chris,

    I think you’ve missed something in your membership report. The ‘Status’ field stores the actual status of the member – whether they are lapsed, overdue, full member etc. You can use this search field to narrow down your results to exactly what you are looking for.
    Here’s an image of what you need to look for:
    Membership status search field

    Deleting members is not part of the role of the Region/Area Organiser. Removing members will also remove them from the vehicle owner history and so needs to be done with care and consideration.

    The next release will have an addition to the Member Report and will have a checkbox to select only from the current membership – effectively combining the ‘Member’ and ‘Overdue’ statuses.

    In a future release, I will also be developing a Regions Page for the organisers. A means of them easily obtaining a list of their members at the touch of a button instead of using the Reports function to make it easier for them.

    Hope that helps,

    Chris York

    I did indeed miss the “Status” field, Brian. I thought I’d found what was needed in the “Membership Type” field….. Perhaps slightly less techie naming would help….???

    I take on board what you say about the deletion of vehicle data. Very valid.

    BUT, the AO’s surely have a considerable role in chasing up those members who haven’t renewed who don’t have a valid “excuse” like death or car sale…?????? How do they do that when the “lapsed” status brings with it a flood of genuine reasons to obscure the people they actually need to chase. You could make the same crit at Membership Sec level too….. OK when lapsed status includes only a few, not OK after a period of time when many fall into that status.


    Hi Chris,

    That is the ‘Overdue’ status. The normal flow of a Member is :
    APPLIED – A new member, they’ve filled in the form and payment has not yet been made. Normally a member will only be in this state very briefly if they are paying online, but if they’re paying by cheque, then it could be a few days before payment is received and CROSSMEMBER updated.

    MEMBER – A fully paid up member

    OVERDUE – Membership has expired and they need to be chased up for their renewal. This is the status of members that the Area/Regional organisers can help to chase.

    LAPSED – The member has informed the club that they are not renewing or a configurable time period has gone by and the member has been automatically lapsed.

    Hope that helps,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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