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    The eagle eyed among you might have already noticed that the latest upgrade to Crossmember has now gone live!

    Take the demo club for a spin to check out the functionality – here’s the link direct into Crossmember for the demo:

    Login to Crossmember

    UserID: demo-pegasus
    Password: medusa

    There is a new menu item ‘Find Vehicle’ which is a quick vehicle find – mostly used when you know which vehicle you want.
    There is additional search facilities on the ‘Reports’ -> ‘Vehicles’ menu item to track down the vehicle or vehicles you are interested in.

    Each vehicle now has their own page.
    Note the ‘contact’ button to send an email to the vehicle owner – without divulging the owners contact details.

    Family memberships can now be added when a new member joins, or existing members can add them from their own member record.
    Club configuration options can set Family Memberships to be Chargeable, Optionally Chargeable, or Free. Payment can be per family or per person.

    We hope you enjoy looking around.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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