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    Roger Young

    How easy to integrate into a current website especially to allow secure login to a members area using membership data?

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    Hi Roger,
    Integration for normal use is via three simple links – Joining, Renewing, View my record.

    The more complex integration that you’re talking about here is part of a next programme of work. I’ve had a couple of requests for exactly what you’re looking for and I intend to implement this as a REST API. Crossmember already has an Oauth2 Server implemented so it will be reasonably straight forward to build the API.
    I envisage that on member login to your website, as part of your authentication you will know who they are – perhaps their membership number that you have attached to their user profile. Implementing a REST call to Crossmember with this information could then provide you with their status/expiry date etc that could then allow you to determine if they are a current paid up member that will allow them to access member only pages according to your club’s rules. You could then store a token in their session data that will allow members area access.

    Does this align with your thinking/requirements?

    Crossmember development is driven by community need (rather than what I think we all want) so your input is valued.

    All the best,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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