Welcome to the tour around some of the features and benefits of the CrossMember Club Membership and Management system.

CrossMember is designed and built by Brian Humphreys of Wire Wheels Webbers Ltd.

Brian is the Membership Secretary of The Rover P6 Club and has suffered all of the pain that just about every membership secretary of a Club has to endure. CrossMember takes Brian’s in-depth knowledge of how Clubs are run, their needs and delivers automation at a level that ensures that everyone has a much easier life with significantly more spare time and keeps everyone managing the club completely informed.

After all – a car/bike club is about two things – the members and our cars/bikes.

All of the following examples will feature The Rover P6 Club branding (yours will be in your colours). This is deliberate because Brian believes that before anyone else uses Crossmember, he will be drinking his own medicine first!

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