Privacy Policy

Who we are

CROSSMEMBER is a Club Membership and Management System developed by Wire Wheels Webbers Ltd.

Wire Wheels Webbers Ltd is owned and managed by Brian Humphreys an IT professional since 1988, classic car enthusiast since 1995 and Club committee officer since 2012. It was during his (still current) tenure as the Club Membership Secretary, dismayed by the sheer volume of work and lack of suitable affordable tools available to the smaller enthusiast clubs that he decided to do something about it for the benefit of the whole community – CROSSMEMBER.

Our website address is: and

What personal data we collect and why we collect it

Personal Information

CROSSMEMBER is a membership management system and as such collects only the required information for Clubs to be effectively managed. This includes

  • Name and address
  • Year of Birth – optional and if completed is used to graph the age profile of the membership. Nothing more.
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  • Details of any vehicles that Club members own that they wish to register with the club (optional)

Personal Information we DO NOT Collect

CROSSMEMBER does not collect any financial information, bank account details, credit card details, account passwords of any kind. We leave that to the payment professionals and utilise their specialist web interfaces to gather that information on our behalf.


CROSSMEMBER does not support uploading any media. If this changes in the future, this policy will be updated to reflect the change.

Contact forms

General visitors to this site may elect to complete the contact form. This is ONLY used to register your interest in CROSSMEMBER and your details will be entered into an Excel spreadsheet for CROSSMEMBER contact only. Your email address will be uploaded into MailChimp to facilitate communication emails about CROSSMEMBER, emails are sent out on a very occasional basis, usually to inform you of new functionality. We may also telephone you to discuss the suitability of CROSSMEMBER for your Club.  If you are no longer interested in CROSSMEMBER, just let us know and you will be removed.

A Facebook Messenger style instant contact form may also be used to ask questions/discuss CROSSMEMBER. You will not be added as a Facebook Friend (unless you want to), will not be hassled, it’s only used for online conversation.


Please see our Cookie Policy

Embedded content from other websites

There is no embedded content from other websites within CROSSMEMBER.


We use Google Analytics to find out from an anonymous perspective which pages on our website are the most viewed and when. Some data will be collected by Google in order to do this and they will supply their own cookies, but from CROSSMEMBER’s perspective, it has proved really useful for identifying that late Saturday night (Sunday morning) at 1am is the best time to perform system upgrades as this is the time/day when the system is least used.

Who we share your data with

The Club owns the data. Neither Wire Wheels Webbers Ltd. nor the CROSSMEMBER application will share personal data with anyone.

The Club is in control of who is given access to the Club’s membership data.

We will only access your personal data if the Club has requested technical support.

Your data is stored on UK Servers managed and owned by 1&1 IONOS.

That said, if there is a requirement through the enforcement of law, then personal data will be shared with law enforcement agencies to the extent that we are required to do so by the law.

How long we retain your data

Data retention is under the control of the Club, not the CROSSMEMBER application.

What rights you have over your data

As a Club member, CROSSMEMBER has been designed to give you full access to your membership record. If you believe that inaccurate information is held, you are able (via your Club website) to access your record and update your own details. If you are unable to do so, your Club officials will be able to provide a copy of your membership record and do any updates for you.

If you wish to have your data erased from CROSSMEMBER, please contact your Club officials.

From a Club perspective, this is your data. You are free at anytime to download the membership database into Excel spreadsheets using the administrative functions. From there you can move your membership data to any system you choose. If you elect to do so, once you have notified us that you have all the data you require, all Club data within CROSSMEMBER will be deleted.

Where we send your data

Your personal information is under the control of your Club. The Club has the ability to grant login access to individuals according to their own privacy policies. It is the responsibility of the Club to ensure that access is granted, viewed and processed for Club purposes in accordance with their privacy policy.

For membership transactions, CROSSMEMBER will send personal data to the following organisations:


If a member elects to pay for their membership with PayPal, CROSSMEMBER will forward the name, address and email address to PayPal for automated form completion. All financial information for this transaction is stored within PayPal and nothing is stored within CROSSMEMBER.


If the Club has elected to use GoCardless for Direct Debit Services, and a member elects to pay for their membership subscription by Direct Debit, then during the process to create the Direct Debit mandate, CROSSMEMBER will forward the name, address and email address to GoCardless for automated form completion. All financial information for this transaction is stored within GoCardless and nothing is stored within CROSSMEMBER.

CROSSMEMBER is a GoCardless integration partner.


If the Club has elected to use MailChimp for mass emailing services to the Club membership, then your name and email address will be uploaded to MailChimp along with your membership status (paid up or overdue), the (club defined) regions you belong to and your membership type (e.g. Full, Associate etc). This additional information assists the Club if they wish to only send emails out to, for example, fully paid up associate members in East Anglia, thereby giving the Club more administrative control over who they wish to contact for Club purposes.

Note that although MailChimp is a “Marketing Automation Tool” it is an excellent mass emailing tool for Clubs to send informative club related emails to hundreds or thousands of members without the problem of maximum email limits imposed by standard email systems.

Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency

Whenever a vehicle record is accessed for a UK member, the registration number of the vehicle is provided to the DVSA to access MOT test information. This is a service that Wire Wheels Webbers are registered with the DVSA to use and provide information about the vehicle. This information is also freely available on the DVSA website.

Contact information

CROSSMEMBER has been designed and developed by Wire Wheels Webbers Ltd, 25 Stourhead Drive, Northampton NN4 0UH. We can be contacted on +44 7790 492373.

Additional information

How we protect your data

We will take reasonable technical and organisational precautions to prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of personal information provided to us.

Your data is held securely in the UK servers provided by 1&1 IONOS.

A website firewall (premium version) is in place to block website attacks. Scans are performed regularly and checked.

All Club data is stored in their own database, separate from the database used by the website and separate from all other Club databases.

All passwords used to access the administrative functions of the website and the databases are long, complex and strong.

Strong passwords are enforced for all Club approved login access.

Access to the CROSSMEMBER system is over SSL (https) only.

What third parties we receive data from

In order to provide a full membership service, there are some organisations that do provide us with information. None of these organisations provide us with personal information, they are used to fulfil services:


PayPal will inform CROSSMEMBER when a payment has been completed so that we can update your membership record. This includes the name, address and email address of the payer – which is stored in your payment record. Also included is members’ membership number to identify the member who’s payment is being acknowledged as being complete.


GoCardless will inform CROSSMEMBER when a direct debit payment is being taken. No bank account information is provided. GoCardless provide payment references to match the payment information to the member concerned.

Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency

The DVSA will provide MOT information about UK vehicles only when requested from CROSSMEMBER.

What automated decision making and/or profiling we do with user data

CROSSMEMBER does not perform any profiling of user data.

CROSSMEMBER makes decisions based on the membership status of members. Under the control of the configuration parameters set up by the Club, CROSSMEMBER will issue automated email messages that have been created by the Club to remind members that their membership is due. These email messages are only sent to members approaching their renewal date or are overdue. Emails cease once payment has been received or the member has informed the club that they are not renewing, or if the membership lapses. All dates that emails will start/end are under the control of the Club.