CROSSMEMBER - Club Membership and Management

CROSSMEMBER Club Membership & Management System

A New Way to Manage Your Club Membership

CROSSMEMBER is a club membership and management system designed to bring high quality applications to all car and bike clubs regardless of their size. We are a part of the car and bike club community and believe that good software applications shouldn’t be solely for the big clubs with big pockets, they should be available for us all.

We’ve probably all been there, or know someone who has. The Club Membership Secretary has one of the most difficult jobs in the club to perform effectively. Members don’t always remember to renew, but juggling valuable personal time with updating your system with new joiners/renewals and sending out welcome packs leaves precious little time to chase overdue members to keep the clubs cash flowing and update the committee on the current status.

If only members could update themselves and the club membership system create its own reports and chase for renewals …..

CROSSMEMBER is more than just a club membership database. It is an automated club membership and management system specifically aimed at car and bike clubs. Bringing you club membership automation and club management facilities all in one package.

Designed and built by a dedicated club membership secretary and IT professional, it has been developed from intimate knowledge and pain of the job, but it doesn’t stop there. Using our support forum, the club community is the driver behind all future enhancements so that CROSSMEMBER continues to evolve. Together we can ensure that CROSSMEMBER delivers the functionality that we all need to run our clubs effectively.

Take the Tour

Have a look at the facilities offered by CROSSMEMBER with this tour of some of the functions provided. Go on the tour first, then test driving the active demonstration will make more sense.

Go For a Test Drive

Using our demonstration car club “The Pegasus Motor Club”, take the system for a test drive and play with the functionality, then if you have any more questions, post on the CROSSMEMBER forum or send us a message.

So How Does it work?

CROSSMEMBER is provided for you as a service. We host and run the system, you use it for an annual fee from 30 pence per member per year. Providing CROSSMEMBER as a service means that there is one version of the software to support and that means costs are kept down and CROSSMEMBER becomes affordable for every club and not just the larger clubs. It also means that we all contribute via the forum to tell us about new features we want and we all benefit from the new functionality developed.

All you need to do (and I can help you if you need it) is add some links to your Club website – like a ‘Join Today’ button. The link will bring your members to CROSSMEMBER (which will be branded in your club colours) where they can sign up and pay their subscription direct to your club. We don’t hold on to your money – it’s yours.

If you’re interested and think that CROSSMEMBER might help you with your membership and help you manage your club then send us a contact message, tell us about your club and we’ll get back to you.

I’m Interested, Please Call Me

CROSSMEMBER has all this …

NEW: Credit/Debit Cards

New payment method for Credit & Debit cards using Stripe (

NEW: API Integrations

Query CROSSMEMBER. check membership is valid, apply member discounts & more


Mass Club email with MailChimp. CROSSMEMBER keeps your lists up to date


Direct Debit automation with our GoCardless integration. Simple, effective, it runs itself

Alexa Enabled

E.g. "Alexa, Ask CROSSMEMBER how many welcome packs do I need to make"

Keep it Safe

With CROSSMEMBER, No-one is going to leave the club taking the membership database with them


All subscriptions go straight to the club's account, in Full!


Automatic email reminders accelerate club cash flow

Any Device

Go paperless at shows. Nothing to do when you get home


Download your magazine address lists instantly

Time Saver

Don't over burden your membership secretary any longer


New members & Renewals entered directly to the club database

Graphical Reports

With accurate graphs and gauges you don't need to understand computers to manage your club


As little as 30 pence per member per year. Affordable for all clubs


Manage your vehicle register


Create and download your own reports


Define and allocate regions. Organisers only see their members

Renewal Letters

Download your renewal letter address lists instantly


Secured with https, website firewall and segregated databases


Committee access - know your membership

Community Driven

Ongoing development programme driven by you

Author's Awards

2015 Best Club Website
2016 Outstanding Social Media
2017 Club Unsung Hero
2018 Club Initiative of the Year

Time Saver – Evidence

The Rover P6 Club manages their club membership in CROSSMEMBER. In the first 3 weeks of operation, the number of overdue members went from 31% to just 8% thanks to the automated email reminder system.

During these first three weeks, the total new joiners and renewals received  was over 200. Thanks to the club performing a time/activity study earlier in the year, they estimate that under their old system this would have taken in excess of 10 hours to process, possibly as high as 15 hours depending on the number of handwritten membership forms received. In CROSSMEMBER, the whole process was done automatically with only new joiner welcome packs to be created which took 70 minutes.

CROSSMEMBER helped The Rover P6 Club achieve a 90% time saving for their membership secretary.

Useful Club Information

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