Intelligent, Automated, Easy Membership Management for Clubs of All Sizes

CROSSMEMBER is a better way ...

£ ¾ Million processed by CROSSMEMBER every year and growing

Professionally Created for Enthusiasts

Built for Enthusiast Clubs

Not just a subscription collecting service. Crossmember understands the enthusiast

Renewal Reminders and Bulk Email Communication

Club eNewsletters / mass member communication, including Reginal Organisers to their region - all built in.
Automatically generated personalised renewal emails fully configurable by you

All Major Online Payment Methods

Stripe for Credit/Debit Cards
GoCardless for Direct Debit
Facilitates payment by Cheque

All Membership Types

Fixed Year
Rolling Year
Multiple Years
Monthly Direct Debit

Family Memberships

Family memberships can be Free, Chargeable, Optionally Chargeable and charged per person or per family

Club Regions

Divide up the UK by postcode, group together countries and create Regions.
Allocation of member to region is automatic
Or do it manually, the choice is yours

Caters for your Specialist Area

With a built in vehicle register we're here for you. Want something different? Just ask.

Rest API - Bring Membership to your Club Website

Automate your Club Website with our API. Maybe automatically allocate member logins, the choice is yours

Support 16 x 7 x 365

Telephone, Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook

8am until midnight

Join the growing community of Clubs on CROSSMEMBER

CROSSMEMBER - You can just tell that it's been built out of knowledge, pain and love


All online payments must offer PayPal, it’s become the industry norm

Credit/Debit Cards

A quick, reliable and reasonably priced service for Credit & Debit cards using Stripe (


Direct Debit

Direct Debit automation with our GoCardless integration (
Simple, effective, it runs itself

Cheque Payments

Accept members paying by cheque, give them the means to enter their details and post

More ways to Pay

Your Membership Secretary can also enter payments as Cash, Standing Orders, Bank Transfers, Direct Debit (legacy non GoCardless) and Others


All payments go straight to the club’s account with NO additional ‘hidden’ commissions


Download your magazine address lists instantly. For either paper, PDF or both

Email Your Members

Built in bulk email for all Member and Regional Organiser communications

Renewal Emails

Automatic emailed renewal reminders

Member Access

Member access to their own record to update their own data, as well as renew

Renewal Letters

Download your renewal letter address lists instantly. Sometimes you just can’t escape a real letter



CROSSMEMBER automatically keeps your lists up to date

UK Hosted

Hosted by IONOS in a Gloucestershire datacentre.
Your data is held in the UK


Secured with Comodo HTTPS,
premium grade firewalls,
modsecurity, fail2ban, malware scanning with real-time updates and segregated databases

IP Blacklisting

Malicious IP blacklists with real-time updates. Country blacklisting (e.g. China, Nigeria and Russia)
Keep them out!

Two Factor Authentication

Additional login security to keep your Club data secure

Regular backups

Nightly backups stored offsite


Keep it Safe

With CROSSMEMBER, No-one is going to leave the club taking the membership database with them


New members & Renewals entered directly to the club database


From reminders to payments, if it can be automated, it has

Graphical Reports

With accurate graphs and gauges you don’t need to understand computers to manage your club


Create and download your own reports


Define and allocate regions. Organisers only see their own members


Committee access – No more out of date reports emailed around the Club

Any Device

Go paperless at shows. Nothing to do when you get home


Manage your vehicle register


Alexa Enabled

E.g. “Alexa, Ask CROSSMEMBER how many welcome packs do I need to make”

Download your database

Download your full database to Excel any time you like

Time Saver

Don’t over burden your membership secretary any longer


API Integrations

Query CROSSMEMBER. check membership is valid, apply member discounts & more


A specially designed client side plugin to handle all your communications with CROSSMEMBER

Member Login

Automate allocation and removal of member logins to your club website with member info


Automate the Regions page of your club website. Always up to date with the changes made to CROSSMEMBER

Write Your Own

The beauty of having an API is that you can write your own website plugins that do whatever you need them to do. Why not provide them to us to share with other clubs in the CROSSMEMBER community?


As little as 37 pence per member per year. Affordable for all clubs

Community Driven

Ongoing development programme driven by you

Author’s Awards

2015 Best Club Website
2016 Outstanding Social Media
2017 Club Unsung Hero
2018 Club Initiative of the Year

Take the Tour

Have a look at the facilities offered by CROSSMEMBER with this tour of just some of the functions provided. Go on the tour first, then test driving the active demonstration will make more sense.

Go for a Test Drive

Using our demonstration car club “The Pegasus Motor Club”, take the system for a test drive and play with the functionality, then if you have any more questions, post on the CROSSMEMBER forum or send us a message.

Frequently Asked Questions

CROSSMEMBER has a very simple and straight forward pricing structure.

  • 37.3 pence per member per year
  • 6.22 pence per lapsed member per year.

So for a club with 500 members that would be £186.50 per year. This usually works out to be as little as about 1% of your membership fees.

There is NO MINIMUM FEE. That would defeat the point of having decent tools available to all clubs, whatever their size.

The price rises on the 1 January each year by CPIH inflation (hence the decimals) which gives everyone a clear understanding of the costs involved, have some security in the knowledge that there will be no sudden price hikes and we can just focus on service and development without having to think about it

Almost none!

The philosophy is that unless functionality increases the cost base of the CROSSMEMBER system, then the functionality is there for everyone to use. This has been true since its first launch back in 2017 and remains as true today.

There are just two options that can increase the annual fee, these are:

Mail Out – The Bulk Email Service

The Mail Out system which provides high speed email to all members or selected regions of members is just an additional 5 pence per member. 

API Access

If you want to use the API so that your website can interrogate CROSSMEMBER, there is an additional £60 per year.

All fees are subject to CPIH. There are no other charges. You only pay the standard commissions that the third party payment providers normally charge. CROSSMEMBER does not add any extra commissions to these payments even though the payment providers allow us to do so. That wouldn’t be fair to you.

The simplest way to convert from any existing system into CROSSMEMBER is via spreadsheets. Pretty much any system will be able to export to spreadsheet so this makes it the ideal way to get the job done.

CROSSMEMBER has it’s own format for the input spreadsheets and you can either convert your data into our spreadsheet format yourself, or we can do it for you.

If you would like us to do it for you, we will write automated scripts so that we can re-run them as often as required until we get your data converted to your satisfaction. The cost for this is £20/hour and generally will not cost more than £200. It really all depends on the condition of your existing data.

There is no charge for the setup of your Club onto Crossmember and uploading your files.

This is a difficult question to answer because it all depends on:

  • Your availability to review your converted data and potentially make corrections at the source
  • The condition of your existing data and how complex it might be to convert
  • Any time-periods you might wish to avoid going live. E.g. some clubs have preferred to go live after a normal surge in renewals

However, the quickest a club has gone live is 3 days and the slowest is several months – it’s all about availability and the condition of your data.

If you want something developed, and it would benefit EVERYONE, then the cost is ZERO. That’s what a community is all about.

When you’ve paid, you’ve paid for the year. There are no pricing tiers. Even if your Club doubles in size during the year there are no extra costs to pay. We just add up all your members again at your next anniversary.

CROSSMEMBER is provided for you as a service. We host and run the system. Providing CROSSMEMBER as a service means that there is one version of the software to support and that means costs are kept down and CROSSMEMBER becomes affordable for every club and not just the larger clubs. It also means that we all contribute via the forum to tell us about new features we want and we all benefit from the new functionality developed.

All you need to do (and we can help you if you need it) is add some links to your Club website – like a ‘Join Today’ button. The link will bring your members to CROSSMEMBER (which will be branded in your club colours) where they can sign up and pay their subscription direct to your club.

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