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    Conan Lewis

    Are you able to make an initial import from our current database into Crossmember and what format do you need this in?


    Hello Conan,

    Yes, It’s vitally important to have a database import mechanism to allow existing membership databases to be imported into Crossmember. To do this we need to look for a common denominator amongst all database systems and what they can generate. The most common format is Microsoft Excel. So, I will supply an Excel template that you need to populate from your existing system. If you need any help with this I’m only a phone call (or Skype call) away for either hands on help or just advice.

    I used the same technique to import the 2000 members/vehicles into the demo system too, my fingers might be fast, but they’re not that fast :-))

    What system do you use today Conan?


    Conan Lewis

    We’re using excel for Members and Vehicles so in this case it would be easy

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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