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    Direct Debits are an excellent payment method for the collection of Club fees. They ensure that members don’t forget (and too many do!), aids member retention, cuts down on the amount of work to do by not having to chase people, commission rates are less than PayPal and (very importantly) they can have nice APIs allowing applications such as CROSSMEMBER to integrate with them and automate the whole process.

    GoCardless Ltd is the Direct Debit service provider that CROSSMEMBER will use. They’re well established, provide services to over 30,000 organisations, have an excellent API to connect CROSSMEMBER to them, and they do everything online with commission rates as low as 1%. Integration partners are able to add their own commission rates on top of this … But we’re not! CROSSMEMBER has no hidden charges.

    So … We’ve been hard at work over the last couple of weeks sifting through the GoCardless API, creating test accounts in their sandbox environment and getting on with the build.

    So how will it work? Well screenshots will follow soon, but in essence …
    Your Club administrator connects CROSSMEMBER to your GoCardless account (you still receive all your payments, we don’t get them first). This is done through a secure OAuth2 connection that doesn’t reveal your password to CROSSMEMBER.

    Members can sign up for direct debit during joining or renewing and are sent seamlessly to GoCardless to setup the mandate (no bank account details are revealed to CROSSMEMBER) and then returned back to CROSSMEMBER and we then setup the subscriptions automatically.

    Members can view on their membership record when their next payment is due.

    Members can cancel their direct debit if they wish to from their membership record, and setup a new one.

    When GoCardless takes a payment, GoCardless will tell CROSSMEMBER and the membership record is updated.

    It all happens in the background, seamlessly, and automating more of the Membership Secretary’s duties.

    All of the above has been developed and is working well. The next stage is to handle the Direct Debit mandates that a Club already has setup and allow them to be controlled by CROSSMEMBER.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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