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    Tim Eve

    Once the joining form has been submitted how are changes to personal, family and vehicle data made?

    Can the member access these fields, necessitating individual member log-in functionality to the relevant data fields, or does the membership administrator have to make the changes? If the membership secretary makes them how are they communicated to him – is there an electronic form to submit or does the member phone or email the membership secretary requesting the changes be made?

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    Hi Tim,

    Your members will be able to access their own membership record to update their own details. Being a membership secretary and webmaster myself, I’ve dealt with members who continually forget their password, after all, many will only access such a system once a year. So the process works like this.

    Member clicks a link on your website to access their own membership record.
    Member is taken to the CROSSMEMBER website (branded with your logo and colours)
    Website requests their email address.
    If the email address is held in the Clubs database, and email is sent to the member.
    The email contains a link to the CROSSMEMBER website with additional parameters in the link, these are – email address and a generated limited lifetime ‘token’. In the CROSSMEMBER system, the ‘token’ is stored against the email address, so when the link is clicked the member is taken to CROSSMEMBER and their membership record displayed.
    They can only see their own record if they received the email, and the email is only sent to a valid email in the Club database.

    Hope that makes sense to you. I believe it is the best way to ensure that your Club doesn’t get bombarded with requests to setup users, reset passwords, etc.

    The member can renew their membership from their membership record using the process listed above, or through a dedicated RENEW link on your website.

    The Renew link takes the member to a ‘find me’ form where they must fill in their Membership number, Last name, and postcode. If they get all three correct, and it finds only one member, then they are allowed to renew without viewing their membership record.

    If you have any questions, do let me know.

    It should all come blissfully clear once I have the demo system up and running – hopefully in the next week.

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    Tim Eve

    Thanks Brian, that’s very helpful and answers my question.

    Tim Eve

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    Alan Thomas

    We have over 500 members with an age demographic similar to or in excess of the age of the vehicles! Although most of us have embraced email and web use I am just a little concerned about setting up for such a large group and distributing membership numbers in order for members to renew and pay their subs. Can the automatic renewal emails and renewal link on the website be tailored so that the first login is via email link (token)?

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    Hi Alan,
    It’s straight forward for a simple renewal – they don’t need to login to Crossmember at all. All they need is their membership number, last name and postcode. From that they can renew without accessing any personal data.
    Keeping the renewal process as simple and straight forward is part of the way of ensuring that members don’t get fed up trying to navigate the system and stop trying before they’ve paid their renewal.
    Hope that helps,

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    Alan Thomas

    Thanks Brian,
    When subs fall due, will the system produce an email reminder to our members containing their membership number in the message? Making sure that our members know their number may be a bit challenging.

    Kind Regards

    Alan (Historic Lotus Register)

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    Hi Alan,

    Yes, in the renewal reminder emails, you can insert ‘tags’ that will be auto populated by Crossmember when the email is sent. These can include {{First Name}}, {{Last Name}}, {{Membership Number}} and {{Renewal Date}}.

    The tags make it both a personal email and also gives them all the information they need to renew on the spot.


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