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    I’m the new registrar of the London Vintage Taxi Association, I’m liking using Crossmember, and finding it quite straightforward, however I’ve found a few things I haven’t been able to figure out how to do.

    1) Delete a duplicated vehicle, or one that’s been entered incorrectly
    2) Edit a reg number that’s been entered incorrectly, without keeping the original typo as a previous reg no.
    3) Change the owner of a vehicle, ideally keeping the old owner as part of the data.
    4) Edit the”special features” section, I can add to it, but not actually change what’s already there.

    Can you help with any of this?
    Carrie LVTA


    Further to the above,
    Apologies about no.3, change owner, I can do that, but only to a club member, not to an unknown person, or museum or anything.


    Hi Carrie,

    I’m pleased you’re finding Crossmember straight forward to use and that you like the system. I’ll answer your queries in order.

    1. Deleting a vehicle – Good point. For the moment, if you can tell me which vehicle it is you wish to be removed, let me know the URL on the View Vehicle page and I’ll get it deleted. I’ll then add a new Delete button on the page. I do have an ‘in progress’ development that will merge your duplicate vehicles and remove the offending one, but that’s taking some thought on how to best do the job.

    2. Crossmember by default keeps all old data as you’ve seen so that you can see what registration numbers a vehicle had previously. However I do take your point that ABC 123D might have been incorrectly input as ABC124D by mistake. You do need an edit button that overwrites to fix such typos.

    3. I see you’ve sorted out how to change ownership within the club. If you mark the vehicle as ‘Sold’, that will change it to the ‘unknown owner’.

    4. Editing Special Features. That will be due to your permissions level. We might need to have a look at that one such that vehicle registrars have a slightly raised permission level on the vehicle side.



    OK. Thank you. I’ve found several pairs of duplicates, with some of them I’m going to have to do some detective work to find out who is the actual owner. Here are five to be going on with. I’ve changed their reg no’s to “duplicate” to about deleting the wrong one of the pair. The URL’s that need deleting are below. More to follow.

    View Vehicle

    View Vehicle

    View Vehicle

    View Vehicle

    View Vehicle


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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