Adding a new member

Club Administrator view of adding a new member. Note the additional menu items allowed.

A new member accessing the CrossMember system. They have limited menu items, but otherwise it’s the same form

Adding a new member is straight forward. When the form is completed, the user has several payment options. In the example below, the user has chosen to pay by cheque.

Because the Membership Secretary is adding this member, the cheque will have been supplied. The details are added and on clicking ‘Save’ the member is a full member of the club

This view is the member filling in their details online. They’ve completed the form but want to pay by cheque. They have a different view and when they click ‘Save’ their details will be saved to the club database and the new member is presented with a page to print out and post with their cheque. Only when the cheque is received and marked in the system will they become a full member of the club.

If the new member wishes to pay by PayPal, then the full automation kicks in. The member is transported to make their payment with PayPal and on completion, PayPal will send an ‘electronic receipt’ to CrossMember stating the payment is complete. The new member is then a full member without any further interaction.
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