Enable BACS Direct Debit by GoCardless on CROSSMEMBER

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Before you enable GoCardless for your Club, you will need to connect CROSSMEMBER to GoCardless.

Please follow one of these knowledge-base articles and then come back to this page.

Connect the Club’s existing GoCardless account

Create and connect a new GoCardless account for the Club


OK, now that you’re here, you will have connected your account to GoCardless and you are ready to allow your members to use Direct Debit as a method of payment.


Go to Admin->Setup on the main menu

Make sure you are on the “Club Setup” tab and select “Define Club Membership Parameters”

Then tick the checkbox “Enable GoCardless Direct Debit” – This option only appears when you have completed the connection of your GoCardless account with CROSSMEMBER.


… and Save.

Now your UK based members will have Direct Debit as an option when paying for their membership fees.

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